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When will Power Roll Solar Film samples be available?

Samples should be available to selected partners in Q2 2022.

What will be the fixing mechanism?

Our manufacturing licence partners will decide the fixing mechanism depending on location and installation configurations. We will supply our PV demonstrators without backing and subsequently with a Peel and Stick backing using high-bond adhesives.

What will be the product lifetime?

We envisage a range of product grades with lifetimes appropriate to particular applications.

Is the film fully flexible?

Power Roll Solar Film has a high level of flexibility and can be applied to curved surfaces e.g. roofing.

What is the weight of Power Roll Solar Film?

This will depend on the particular characteristics of each product grade, target weight range is 400 to 500 g/m2.

What will be the electrical connection system?

Standard PV connectors will be used unless requested differently by our development partners/customers.

Can Power Roll supply product data sheets?

Data sheets will be available closer to the time of full commercial availability.

Will the film be transparent and if not, what colour will it be?

At product launch Power Roll Solar Film will be black and opaque to allow for optimal power generation. As product development continues there may be scope to produce a translucent solar PV product.

What will the cleaning/maintenance requirements?

Equivalent to other solar solutions.

Are information packs available?

Information packs will be available when Power Roll Solar Film is commercially available.

What range of deployment options are envisioned for Power Roll Solar Film?

Power Roll Solar Film offers a unique, flexible lightweight solutions for an enormous range of potential applications including non-load bearing roofs, automotive, off-grid, architectural fabrics, agriculture and many more.

What will be the dimensions of the solar film?

Power Roll Solar Film will be supplied at varying lengths in widths of 300, 600 and 900mm.

Will Power Roll Solar Film be available globally/in my region?

Power Roll is working with potential partners across the globe. We believe that low-cost renewable energy should be available to everyone and we’re working hard to provide worldwide access to our technology in the future.