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Microgroove Innovations

Power Roll is Seeking Application Development Partners

The Power Roll Partnership Program allows selected partners priority access to our unique microgroove technology. Power Roll can provide free microgroove development kits, full technical support and other benefits to partners wishing to develop novel applications for our technology.

Our microgroove platform is highly customisable and has potential across a wealth of applications including IoT, medical, consumer electronics and many others. We’re now seeking high profile, innovative development partners to explore other uses of this platform and bring novel solutions to the market.

Power Roll currently offers photovoltaic, capacitor and sensor films but we believe there are many, many more potential applications for the technology.

Why Microgrooves?

  • Microgrooves offer a unique architecture for any two-terminal device
  • Microgrooves are versatile and can be adapted for different applications. By optimising the shape, size and pattern of microgroove architecture a multitude of functionalities can be achieved.
  • Any functional materials can be printed into the groove pattern giving a multitude of potential applications
  • Power Roll’s unique technology is thin film, low cost, lightweight & functional.
  • Roll to Roll high speed manufacturing which is scale-able and uses industry standard manufacturing processes

What Power Roll can offer:

  • Full technical support
  • Free microgroove development kits (selected partners only)
  • Priority access to Power Roll’s unique technology
  • Joint development opportunities

To be a part of the Power Roll Partnership Program or simply to find out more about working with us get in contact below. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Microgroove Shape and Size

Microgrooves come in different sizes and shapes.

Square grooves, u-shaped grooves, v-shaped grooves are all possible and each has a unique quality within the final product.

Microgrooves can also be thin or thick, deep or shallow, which will create different functionalities within different use-cases.

Microgroove Pattern

Microgrooves can be designed to channel energy across the film in different ways, using different patterning, depending on the application.

Single-channel grooves, parallel-channel grooves, matrixed grooves offer a range of options for printed circuits.

Microgroove Filler

Functional printed materials within the grooves can vary depending on the application.

Microgroove Measurements

The microgroove film can now be electrically measured for changes in:




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