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Power Roll honoured to receive visit from HRH The Princess Royal

Power Roll, the developer of ultra-low-cost and lightweight flexible solar film for energy generation, is delighted to be hosting a visit from Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, on Wednesday 27th March.

During her tour of Power Roll’s facility, on a former colliery site in Murton, County Durham, Her Royal Highness will see the Company’s innovative production process in action. Her Royal Highness will  also be introduced to Power Roll’s team of almost 50 scientists, engineers and apprentices, as well as key stakeholders supporting Power Roll’s journey. These include technology suppliers, academic partners, government representatives and lead investors – such as Maven, Green Angel Ventures and Kero Group.

Neil Spann, CEO of Power Roll, said: “Building on the rich history of energy production, deployment and research in the North East, Power Roll is tackling the climate challenge while grasping the opportunity of massively growing demand for clean energy.

“By deploying a simple but brilliant idea, Power Roll’s Perovskite based solar film can eliminate the economic and physical limitations of current photovoltaic technologies. It also avoids increasing concerns around the security and ethics of the global supply chain for existing silicon solar panels.”

The film’s energy efficient and highly automated production process uses roll-to-roll printing techniques similar to making holograms and crisp packets. This manufacturing simplicity, combined with its low environmental and social impact, will enable the manufacture of Power Roll’s solar film anywhere in the world – further reducing its carbon footprint.

Power Roll’s lightweight, flexible, robust and affordable solar film is poised to unlock low-cost clean energy generation from surfaces all over the globe – especially structures that may not be strong enough for heavy silicon panels. These range from larger commercial, industrial and public sector rooftops, through to balconies and garden sheds; while also powering off-grid villages and remote agriculture.

Power Roll is keen to highlight to Her Royal Highness how their solar film could supercharge a rural rooftop revolution in the farming, equestrian and food production sectors; while protecting land for agricultural and recreational use.

Spann added: “As Her Royal Highness will see, we have proven the science and scalability of Power Roll’s technology at our Durham pilot facility. The next step is to build a first-of-a-kind commercial scale factory, with a target capacity of one million square meters of solar film per year, for which we have already identified a site here in the North East and are making good progress in raising the necessary investment.” 

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