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Power Roll partners with Inseanergy to develop zero-emission maritime energy solutions

Lightweight, low cost, solar film to be tested in emission-free aquaculture application to decrease diesel usage, reduce risk of fuel spillage and substitute for challenging grid connections.

09 November 2021, County Durham: UK-based Power Roll and Norwegian company Inseanergy have signed an Application Development Partner Agreement to collaborate on the use of Power Roll’s lightweight, flexible solar film in aquaculture and maritime applications.

The partnership will combine Inseanergy’s proven floating photovoltaic (FPV) solutions with Power Roll’s innovative solar film to deliver new applications, improved performance and reduced costs of FPV in fish farming and other maritime applications. Aquaculture requires substantial amounts of energy to power water aeration and pumping systems, pneumatic feeders, and heat and light for the working areas. A typical fish farm requires between 200,000 and 450,000 kWh of electricity per annum which is usually supplied either by diesel-powered generators or, for near-shore sites, via a grid connection. 

Fish farms around the world are seeing significantly increased demand for their products, driven by population growth and by a societal shift away from red meat. To satisfy this demand, the aquaculture industry is expanding into more remote locations where grid connections may be too difficult or too expensive to install. Producers, retailers and regulators are constantly seeking innovative processes that meet such social and operational pressures. Solar-powered energy systems will provide a lower cost, more scalable, and highly sustainable solution for the energy needs of this growth industry.

Jan Erik Vaage Klepp, Chief Executive Officer of Inseanergy, explains: “We are always on the lookout for cost-effective innovations that address the unique challenges of harsh, remote and highly regulated marine environments. Inseanergy was founded on deep engineering skills and decades of industry experience to solve key sustainability challenges across the aquaculture sector. A prime example is our innovative floating PV system, supported on recycled fish cages, which addresses both energy and materials use in salmon farms. Beyond aquaculture, we look forward to exploring opportunities for Power Roll’s lightweight, low-cost solar film as we develop wider maritime applications.”

One such opportunity is the use of solar film technology on large-area ocean-going vessels, which can potentially provide substantial amounts of 100% emission-free electrical power supply. This may, in turn, help ship operators to reduce the use of diesel-driven auxiliary generators, and hence significantly reduce the emission of CO2 and NOx – both in port and in transit.

Don Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at Power Roll, adds: “Power Roll’s solar film is uniquely lightweight, flexible and low-cost – which are essential requirements for maritime PV solutions.   Our solar film is also highly adaptable in its design, and this partnership will help us tailor PV products that are not only a perfect match in dimensions and voltage for marine applications but are also proven in harsh and remote environments. We are excited to combine Power Roll’s solar film with Inseanergy’s marine engineering expertise to deliver greater operational flexibility, at lower cost, and with significant carbon savings – which, in fish farming, could be up to 10% CO2 equivalent per kg of salmon produced.

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