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Power Roll Solar Film Featured In

Power Roll Solar Film Featured In

23 June 2021

“It’s difficult to imagine an energy future that isn’t dominated by innovative solar technologies, with the backbone provided by rooftop systems, and this new British solar film could be a big step in that direction,”

said Dr Doug Parr, chief scientist for Greenpeace UK.

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​About Power Roll

Power Roll, headquartered in Sunderland, has developed a unique, flexible, lightweight solar film capable of producing ultra-low-cost green electricity that is up to 20 times cheaper to make than existing flexible PV. By applying different coatings to its versatile microgroove design, Power Roll can also use the film for energy storage and to manufacture capacitors. Power Roll’s microgroove film is suitable for non-load-bearing rooftops, building integration, transport, portable applications, off-grid projects and IoT sensors.


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