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Solar: Power Roll’s roadmap to scale

As we emerge from lockdown in the UK, we are entering another exciting phase in Power Roll’s journey. We have implemented social distancing measures in our labs and the team is back at work.

​Having proven the technology architecture using small-scale batch modules, we are now ready to move forward with the next phase of development. Our focus for the next 3-6 months will be gearing up to produce longer rolls of film and bigger solar modules, while further improving the cell efficiency of the film from its current figure of 11%.

We have a clear pathway to scale. To manage risk, we are pursuing a number of parallel projects involving several partners, each of them experts in their fields. These initiatives will culminate in having a clear specification for ordering our pilot plant, which will be operational in the second quarter of 2021.

We have a work stream with the National Renewable Energy Lab in the United States to trial and optimise solar ink and printing techniques. The results of this work will be critical in informing the specification of the roll-to-roll pilot printing equipment.

In parallel, we are working with our partner in the UK to refine manufacturing techniques that will enable the assembly of smaller cells into larger modules.

We are also working with leading experts in thin-film solar technology, which is enabling us to refine our barrier and encapsulation techniques to optimise performance.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to engage with potential manufacturing partners and customers to help us identify the first commercial opportunities for our solar film. Initial applications range from IoT sensor micropower to high power systems for low-load bearing rooftops.

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