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Dr Nathan Hill

Research Scientist

Nathan joined Power Roll in 2022 as Research Associate and was promoted to Research Scientist in April 2023.

Having completed an MPhys in Physics with Nanotechnology from the University of Hull in 2018. He then moved to pursue a PhD in Physics at Newcastle University specialising in perovskite photovoltaics which he completed in July 2023. During the PhD, Nathan focused on the role of mobile ionic defects within 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional perovskites and their effect on the interface of the perovskites through experimental and computational studies.

Nathan brings knowledge of perovskites and solar cell devices specifically on ink formulations and interfacial treatments. He also brings experience in automation and characterisation measurements through LabVIEW programming.

Published works:

  1. Hill, N. S., Cowley, M. V., Gluck, N., Fsadni, M. H., Clarke, W., Hu, Y., Wolf, M. J., Healy, N., Freitag, M., Penfold, T. J., Richardson, G., Walker, A. B., Cameron, P. J., Docampo, P., Ionic Accumulation as a Diagnostic Tool in Perovskite Solar Cells: Characterizing Band Alignment with Rapid Voltage Pulses. Adv. Mater. 2023, 35, 2302146.

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