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Improved Volumetrics

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Micron Accurate Conductive Coating

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Heading Three

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High Capacity

Unique architecture for low volumetric ratio


Solvent free, 100% dry


Longest lifetime in class

Ultra-Low Cost

Minimal cost

Simplified Manufacturing

Removes costly, complex manufacturing steps

Versatile Form Factor

Flexible architecture, form factor agnostic

Bringing brand new capacitor architecture to the market. Our unique, low-cost flexible, capacitor film represents the next generation in capacitor technology. Power Roll’s patented manufacturing processes allows tailored manufacturing to optimise key required properties in capacitor manufacture.

Power Roll’s unique capacitor technology is targeted for high value, high-capacity markets. Potential applications include HVDC, electric vehicles, D-Link and sensor technology. With low cost, high energy density and flexible versatile form factor Power Roll capacitor film enables unique applications where incumbent technology simply cannot be implemented.

The global electrolytic capacitor market is $6.0 BN and is growing at over 2% PA. Demand growth for high capacity, extended life-low-cost capacitors is driven by both growth in Far East markets and novel applications including electric vehicles and renewable energy.  Power Roll’s unique capacitor architecture gives the performance, cost profile and form factor to deliver in both established and novel applications.

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Power Roll Microgroove Capacitors
Microgroove Architechture

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