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Sensor Film

Power Roll Sensor Film

Driven by Microgrooves

Power Roll sensor film brings unique, novel sensor technology to the global sensor market.

Using microgrooves to produce unique low cost, high resolution, flexible sensors, Power Roll has created a revolutionary new sensing technology with universal potential. The architecture is versatile, adaptable and is designed for use across a huge range of potential applications.

Low Cost

Roll to Roll production enables very low cost sensors for many applications.

Flat & Flexible

With flat, flexible and customisable form factor Power Roll sensors go where other sensors simply can’t.

Self Powered

Self powered Solar Integrated sensor modules for remote and portable deployment.


Adaptable for universal applications – Gas, Temperature, Liquids, Touch, Light, Motion & More.


Power Roll’s technology uses high precision microgrooves to deliver sensitive, selective, long life sensors with very low power consumption.

Target Applications

IoT, Automotive, Leak Detection, Air Quality, Process Control, Manufacturing, Recycling & More.

Our unique solution will enable deployment across existing and emerging sensor applications

Power Roll’s sensor technology can take any shape or size, this enables thin, flexible and low-cost solutions for the fast-growing range of global sensor applications.

Our microgroove architecture can be tailored for specific applications, environments and sensor requirements.

Power Roll is developing self-powered integrated solar PV gas and liquid sensors for use in remote applications such as pipelines, monitoring stations and energy generation installations.

Combined with flexible printed electronics and antennae these will provide a unique ‘fix and forget’ solution for remote leak detection and level monitoring.

Our low cost flexible film architecture enables flexible, single high area sensors for deployment where conventional sensor technology cannot be implemented.

For example in smart buildings where carbon monoxide & hydrocarbon monitoring of entire structures will allow air quality optimisation and control.

The Internet of Things requires high volume, lost cost sensing solutions where low power consumption and flexibility is critical. Power Roll sensor technology has the potential to bring solutions to many IoT applications including, health care, home security, transport, smart buildings, logistics and many others. The wireless IoT sensor market is predicted to be over $40 B by 2025

Power Roll is seeking development partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers – to find out more get in touch.